Do You Like Waterfalls?

10 05 2010

Because if you don’t like waterfalls, you will not like this post.  Antiwaterfallites beware because there are 10 of them on this hike!!!!  Which, is kind of amazing if you think about your average hike.
Anyway, I joined a fellow hiker, which was awesome (for anonymity’s sake let’s say their name is… uhh… “Tony”) and hiked the Silver Falls State Park trail to see some… falls.


And without further adieu, a bunch of waterfalls over a 7 mile hike…

#1 - Just a primer of the falls to come. BTW they all have names but I simply number them here because that's easier for me 🙂

#2 - OK so look at the trail going behind it. This was a big one.

#2 - Another view from the opposite side, just huge.

#3 - I like this one for its simplicity and surrounding greenery.

#4 - A bit more in line with "rapids" than "falls", but nonetheless... #4.

#5 - I really like this one because it falls so straight and even, but then has to hang a hard right.

#6 - Another big one, that be a trail through the middle.

#7 - More "rapids" type of falls.

#8 – I don’t think this is an official “falls” but it’s pretty and mossy and has water falling down a hillside and therefore it’s #8 in my book.

#9 - The "worth the hike" falls. Huge. Period. You walk under it all the way to the far left under tons of rock and the water and vegetation above. Impressive, yes. Creepy, yes. But obviously amazing.

#9 - The same impressive/creepy/amazing falls from way back behind and underneath.

#10 - The most scenic and relaxing falls was the last. A beautiful falls that.. falls, into a relaxed lagoon like setting.

This was a longish but not difficult hike right outside of Salem (and can be shorter if you wish depending on your route).  A really great hike with scenery that goes far beyond the falls you see here because it blends into the unbelievable beauty of the forest.  This is one to do as often as possible.  Personally, I have this one on my list for an Autumn trek.