15 04 2010

I had a gift certificate for Burgerville USA today so I thought I’d give it a shot.  It’s a local fast food chain that uses local ingredients and changes its menu based on what’s in season.  They also say they care about their employees and have a sustainable business practice.

But how is the place?  Well, the location I went to was clean, the employees were extremely nice and happy, and they were playing 50’s music, it was a good start.  They have 2 veggie burgers to choose from the Spicy Anasazi Bean Burger and the Oregon Harvest Burger (why other fast food places don’t at least have at least one, I’ll never understand).  I went with the Anasazi and some of the Rosemary fries.

The burger – Great bun, great veggies (I could actually taste the tomato!!!), great flavor and texture of the burger.  But there was absolutely no spice, zilch, and I didn’t see any hot sauce around to add to it, only ketchup.  I should also add I’m a spicy snob, if you have “spicy” in the name of something, it damn well better be spicy.
The fries – Very crispy and tasty, and hot!  The rosemary was there, but I wanted it to punch me in the face!  That may be a personal preference because it’s one of my favorite herbs.
The shakes – Next time, I had water to wash all this down 🙂

So, great food!… the criticisms are only constructive in nature, because I really enjoyed it and will be going back many times.  But maybe with a little bottle of Tabasco.