Tasting Tasty n Sons

12 08 2011

I was supposed to go to the beach last Sunday, but Saturday night the people I was going with said “it’s so far”, “will it be sunny?”, blah blah.  Lazy.  So I said “fine!” We can cancel, but we have to go to Tasty n Sons 1st thing in the morning instead!  And thankfully we did.

I’ve been wanting to go to Tasty n Sons for quite some time.  I guess I was scared because of the “it’s so busy you have to get there early or you’ll wait all day” kind of rumors.  So we decided to get there 20 minutes prior to opening, and there was a line already as we figured, but it wasn’t that bad, and once the 1st seating was in, the wait was never that long.

We chose to sit at the counter.  It was great, not only did we get a front row seat to watch huge, luscious biscuits being made, we got to look to our left and see the frenetic action in the kitchen.  And frenetic it was, they make everything to order as you’d expect, and they deliver each dish as it’s ready so that it’s hot and fresh.

So what did we order?  Way too much, but it was my 1st time there and I had to fully experience it…

Baked Cherries with taleggio & grilled bread, and Griddled Bacon Wrapped Dates with maple syrup & almond in the back.

1st up were baked cherries with taleggio cheese, and after I took my 1st bite I knew I was in for quite a meal.  Piping hot, sweet and savory cherries were perfectly complimented with the melted cheese.  The picture doesn’t do the color justice, the cherries were a deep rich purple, matching their flavor.  In the back are the bacon wrapped dates, and although I didn’t have any, it took every ounce of restraint for the people who ate them not to order more.  Side note, I love that they use old menus instead of new doilies or something between the plate and dish, I’m such a treehugger, but on we go…

Cast Iron Frittata with amaranth, chard, beets, caramelized sweet onions, mint & feta.

What I loved about the fritatta was that the amazing flavors were separate and not melded together, so each bite was a different experience.  Or, you could mix and match, a little beet with onion, some chard with feta…  Really vibrant flavors in this dish.

Fried Green Tomato BLT, a special that day.

As soon as my guests heard about this special there was no pause in ordering it, and it delivered both in presentation and yumminess.

Tasty Muffin with fried egg, pickled beets, heirloom tomato, beecher's cheddar, red onion & mixed greens.

Although I liked the Tasty Muffin, it was the only dish that wasn’t perfect.  The flavors were excellent, and the heirloom tomato was the best I’ve had in months, but the actual muffin was so hard that I was even having issues cutting it using a serrated knife.  Perhaps we just had an abnormal muffin.

Chocolate Potato Doughnuts with creme anglaise.

Yeah, so perhaps these aren’t much to look at, but they are pure awesome.  We actually started the meal with an order of these, and, well, ended with one.  Each time they came out so hot and fresh we had to let them cool for a minute. Very sweet, fulfilling and chocolaty with the familiarity of a regular doughnut that you’d expect.

In summation, Tasty n Sons lived up to and surpassed all that I had heard about it.  Even the service was fast and friendly.  The only thing I wish I would have tried were the mimosas and bloody marys I saw the people waiting for tables drinking.  Although that morning I was only in the mood for coffee, and that too was great.

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