Top 5 Things I’ve Done This Summer: #4 Tree-To-Tree Adventure Park

2 10 2012

This may not look like it, but I’m about 50 ft up.

Continuing the ground-breaking series of “fun things I’ve been up to the last few months”, we arrive at #4.  After spending the day at Tree-To-Tree Adventure Park, I knew that its place on the list was cemented.  I felt like a squirrel climbing 50 feet above the ground, moving from one tree to another, jumping, climbing, swinging and zip-lining around on 3 different courses over 3 hours.

I made the required reservations a few weeks prior, showed up, donned their supplied climbing gear and got a 15 minute lesson on how to climb and navigate the courses.  Then you’re off on your own, although there’s always staff on the ground to help if need be. Once you’re clicked into your course you’re in it till the end, as you always have one of two harnesses attached to the course line, a welcomed safety feature.

You feel very close to nature up here.

The 3 courses go from easy to hard, and to get onto the hardest course you have to pass a “test” to make sure you have the strength to do it.  From what I could tell, most everyone was able to do the hardest course, although the test was indeed taxing and the hardest part of the day.  Obstacles varied from swinging steps, hanging rock walls, wire-walking, jumping platforms, etc.  And you’re way up there, people with a serious fear of heights should probably avoid T2T, but I went with someone who was “uncomfortable” with heights and after 10 minutes they were jumping around like a caffeinated monkey.  There was a slight breeze when I went, and feeling the trees sway was exhilarating… after the initial unnerving part, heh.

I have to say, this place is great, really fun.  It was $45 for 3 hours, and I was spent after that 3 hours, I couldn’t have done a 4th.  They also opened up a new zip-line course recently which is supposed to be pretty cool and surprisingly fast.  Maybe next time.

Courses go over, under and around each other.

The other cool thing about the park is the beauty of the forest that surrounds it.

The two things that keep you from falling to your death.



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