Settled In, Now Let’s Wine!

1 06 2010

Now that we’re moved in it’s time to get out of the city and see what else Oregon has to offer.  Turns out we got settled just in time because Memorial Day weekend is traditionally when the wineries are open for tasting!  Sure, some are open year round, but not all (read: high-end).

So over a two day period we went to 3 wineries with 2 sets of friends, starting with Archery Summit

Archery Summit Vineyards

Really excellent wines, 1 Rosé and 3 Pinot Noirs.  $15 covered all and you get to keep the glass.  They also paired the wines with either cheese or chocolate, which the other wineries didn’t do.  The best part though was the area of tasting, you enter through these doors…

Doors to the cave.

And then walk through the caves to each tasting station.

300 barrels in the caves.

The view from Archery Summit.

Next we went to the Domaine Serene Vineyards.  $15 got you 5 wines – 1 Rosé, 1 Syrah, 2 Pinot Noirs and a Chardonnay, no glass.  All were quite good, but what surprised me is that I liked the Rose here and from the previous winery.  I think my negative bias of Rosé is based in the 80’s with people drinking their White Zinfandels while watching LA Law, but these wines are not that.  They are great for summer sipping and not sweet in the least.

Domain Serene Vineyards

As you can probably see from above, the views were spectacular here.  Forests, vineyards and the coastal mountain ranges in the background.  And the winery itself was quite lovely too..

Nice little villa.

The view from Domaine Serene's vineyards.

My final winery was De Ponte Cellars.  Beautiful winery, really nice staff, OK wines.  Which makes sense because their wines are at a normal price point compared to the other 2 wineries ($20ish:$70ish).  Still worth going though, $15 for 5 wines, some sort of white, a Rosé and 3 Pinot Noirs, still no glass!  This is a winery that is open all year round, and I noticed a couple bring cheese and fruit while sitting on the terrace sipping their wine, great idea.

De Ponte Cellars.

The view from De Ponte Cellars.

Great times, great wines, great friends.  This will be duplicated again and again.  And they open up again for Thanksgiving!…