Holiday Ale Fest: Downtown With A LOT Of Beer And A LOT Of People!

7 12 2010

That's some dark holiday ale!

I normally avoid events with large crowds, but for whatever reason I had to experience the Holiday Ale Fest in downtown Portland.  And, I had to experience it at its busiest, Saturday evening!  So I gathered a few additional brave souls and got my holiday ale on.

For $25 you get that sweet plastic mug you see to the left, and 10 tasting tickets.  You could buy more for $1 each, but with “holiday” meaning “increased alcohol content”, 10 will pretty much be all anyone needs.  There were SO MANY beers to choose from, I was impressed.  I won’t go over all of them, because they all blended together after a while (go figure), but I will say that someone in our party had Laurelwood Brewing Company’s Black Pepper Belgian Pale Ale, and they strongly suggested the rest of us pass.  You can see the impressive list here.  Below are some pictures from the event, and as you can see, it was quite busy, but everyone was in great spirits, and the lines moved pretty fast.  All in all, this is a new holiday tradition for me!

This was one of 3 dispensing areas. Each cooler tap thingy has 2 beers.

1000's of fellow holiday ale enthusiasts.

Portland's xmas tree through the plastic. Awww.

Click to enlarge and you'll see the creative names of the ales.

PS – Real quick, afterwords I went to Noble Rot, and besides having an incredibly awesome view of Downtown and the surrounding hills, I had the best sandwich of my life, ever.  A grilled butternut squash, caramelized onions & goat cheese panino.  Unbelievably fantastic.