Ground Kontrol – LIFTOFF!… or We Are GO!… or Something Else Silly But Giving An Indication That It’s Awesome!

30 06 2010

The "Barcade"

How awesome Ground Kontrol is.

Packed with tons of classic video games, and dozens of pinball machines from the last 4-5 decades.  Now sure, you say “what about Dave & Busters, Gameworks, blah, blah, blah?”  I suppose those are OK in a pinch, but aside from being annoying, their games are 99% new so they just don’t compete with the classic gaming that GK offers.  Not to mention you use actual quarters here, not stupid cards to pay.  Plus!… they sell refurbished older consoles, like the NES, SNES, Genesis, etc.  And overall, you can tell that they just care about arcade games and the culture that goes along with it.

Front door - that's just cool.

They also have free-play night where you can play classic consoles, have live DJs, and beer.  I have not experienced anything from that last sentence, but I will soon.  After 5 they serve the beer, but then no one under 21 is allowed, another byproduct or Oregon’s antiquated liquor laws I would assume?  But whatever.

Some of my favorites that they have? 720°, Star Wars, Tron, Sprint, Tempest, San Fransisco Rush and Smash TV.  I’m now a dedicated fan of Ground Kontrol.

Here are some photos…

Left side from above (above is where the pinball is).

The right side.

720° - man did I lose a lot of quarters in this 20ish years ago.

I played this better than ever before!

Way-old pinball machine, way perfect shape.