Beaverton Farmers Market, A Good Alternative To PSU

14 05 2011

Lots of tents full of good stuff... and a lady staring curiously at me.

If you find yourself way out west on a Saturday, like “all the all the way past 217” west, you might want to check out the Beaverton Farmers Market.  I made my 2nd trip there this weekend and it’s surprisingly big, with a lot of interesting things to purchase.  I found the vendors to be refreshingly different than what I’m used to at PSU, but they cover the same categories; food, coffee, plants, vegetables, and knife sharpening.  Knife sharpening?… OK well maybe that’s not at PSU.  And the difference is good, like instead of Pine State Biscuits for breakfast you can have a tamale from Canby Asparagus Farm, a good alternative!

Although I think I prefer going downtown to the PSU market, I must say that I very much enjoy the selection and variety of Beaverton, and will go back often.  Oh, and the parking isn’t easier, but it is free.  Here’s a few examples of some stuff I got…

I started off with a very tasty cappuccino cheesecake from Zoe Ann’s (who’s about the friendliest person I’ve spoken to in months). Good stuff.

Then I went for some kettle corn, yes, had the sweet-tooth going.

Mmmm beets, I love ’em.  Don’t know how to cook ’em, so they’ll probably just end up rotting in my fridge.  But that’s OK, I tried.

Now that’s a hulluva a lot of asparagus!  It’s in season, and those look great!