Tasting The Farm Café

3 09 2010

The Farm

The delicious pre-dinner items.

My favorite tofu dish, ever.

It’s rare that I keep thinking about a meal weeks after I’ve had it, but a fantastic dinner at The Farm Café has me longing to go back for more.  I’m not a foodie or anything, especially since the vegetarian items on most menus are played-out (at least the portabella phase is about over) or, just not a lot of effort is given to them.  But wow, this restaurant does some amazing things.

We started with an order of delicious and crispy corn fritters with a sweet jalapeno chutney on the side, a great start.  I then chose the chilled beet salad with goat cheese and honey glazed nuts of some sort (I wasn’t paying attention really, I was in it for the beets!) .  A wonderful salad, the beets were so fresh and tasty, as one would imagine since they are called “The Farm Café” because of their use of local, in-season ingredients.  So that was all great, but the main course, oh my…

“Herb Crusted Tofu with Mushrooms Marsala – breaded and herbed tofu cutlets with roasted garlic mashed potatoes and crimini mushroom Marsala.”  It doesn’t sound like much from the description, but wow, such savory flavors, and the tofu was perfectly crispy on the outside and firm on the inside.  It reminded me why I stopped trying to cook tofu, because I can’t make it like they do, that’s why!  The combination of the crispy tofu, soft mashed potatoes and the fresh and flavorful mushrooms made for a hearty and memorable meal.

Aside from the food, the service was attentive, the wines and beer were diverse and well-priced, and the ambiance of the dining area (in the rooms of an old house) was inviting.  I highly recommend the Farm Café to anyone in the area.  Go now!

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