Multnomah Falls – Tall And Busy

19 07 2010

Tall. Pretty.

I just realized the last 4 posts went – beer, hike, beer, hike… Yay Oregon! Alright, back to the subject at hand… Not content with multiple big waterfalls in one hike, I thought I should go to just one gigantic one, Multnomah Falls, about an hour outside of Portland.  It’s impressive.  It’s about 1.25 miles from the bottom to the top through a somewhat steep, but easy switchback trail.

About that “busy” part of the post’s title, wow, it was packed.  I knew that the falls would be busy on the weekends but the 15 minute wait trying to get off the interstate into the parking lot more than confirmed my initial thoughts.  I assume it’s because of the proximity to Portland, and the fact that you can essentially park and walk 100 meters to see it.  But, it’s still worth going despite the crowds.  To the pictures! –

Bottom of the falls.

About halfway up the trail.

The (awesome) view from the trail over to the Washington side of the Columbia River.

Made it to the top, and this is the view over the edge of the falls. Admittedly scary, but I was more scared about dropping the iPhone... because I don't want to have to get the new one with the antenna issues 🙂