Top 5 Things I’ve Done This Summer: #5 The Oregon Garden

28 09 2012

I want these poppies in my garden.

Last summer I was busy with house projects and things like building a chicken coop.  Not this time.  This year it was all about using every weekend to do something new and fun.  You know, before the rains come (which they haven’t yet, weird). So now that things are slowing down I thought I’d recap 5 of my favorite adventures from the last 4 or 5 months.

#5: The Oregon Gardens

I’m a big fan of fancy gardens.  They’re vast, beautiful, relaxing and give me great inspiration for gardens at my house that I know I’ll never have the motivation to create.  The Oregon Gardens are about an hour outside of Portland in Silverton, OR.  They have all sorts of gardens – Northwest, wetlands, rose, conifer, children’s, etc.  It’s a large property and we spent about 2 hours here… with our dog!  Yes it’s dog-friendly.

This is actually not the 1st time we’ve been here though, they also have a resort on the property that we stayed at over the winter.  Obviously not much was in bloom then, which is why we came back.  But the resort is nice, and the main lodge is particularly cozy with its enormous hearth and bartenders that make uber-tasty Spanish Coffees.  Also a good place to get lunch between wandering the different gardens.

So I highly recommend a visit, I foresee it being a destination for me each year.

The view from the top, at the resort.

The view looking towards the resort.

See, it’s big.

Though this was fun part of the Children’s Garden.

This too.