Waiting On A Biscuit

3 08 2010

The Pine State tent.


Biscuits 3-ways, shiitake gravy, sausage gravy, sammitch.

In the ongoing series of Portland Farmers Market food vendor reviews, I decided it was time to try

Pine State Biscuits. They serve their homemade biscuits with jelly, smothered in gravy (sausage or a vegetarian shiitake mushroom), and as sandwiches with eggs, cheese, sausage patty, or… fried chicken? Yep, fried chicken. Their specialty is “The Reggie”, a sandwich with fried chicken, bacon and cheese topped with gravy. Sounds deadly eh?  I don’t eat fried chicken, but I can honestly say that it looked damn good.

There’s a fair amount of hype surrounding Pine State, so the lines are always impossibly long for their food. And really, that’s the reason I never wanted to brave it until now (instead opting for tamales or burritos). However, I figured I had arrived at 9am, so the line shouldn’t be too bad, and it wasn’t actually. It was longish, but only took about 20 minutes to get through this line you see to the left.

I have to say that I was impressed by the food, it wasn’t just hype, yay! The big biscuits themselves are soft and moist, which is impressive because they were probably hours old by this point. I ordered the shiitake gravy on mine, but others I was with got the sausage gravy and a sausage/egg/cheese sandwich. The gravy was quite good actually, very savory and flavorful, perhaps a bit thin though, but a great complement to the biscuit. The others liked their biscuits as well (although “slightly grisly sausage patty” was heard).

It was a good hearty meal to start our produce buying off right! And, worth the line.