Basement Pirate Golfing!

5 01 2011

Look for this dude, he's really your only clue to find the place. But, an interesting clue nonetheless eh?

In the Winter, when it gets cold and rainy in Portland and you’re looking to get out of the house, where do you go?  The dark basement of the downtown Hilton of course!  Duh.  Why?… Because, that is where you’ll find the Glowing Greens Miniature Golf Course.  “Glowing Greens What What” you say?  Well it’s only the area’s finest indoor pirate-themed florescent mini golf course in any hotel basement this side of the Mississippi!

To be honest, it is pretty good for what it is.  The pirate/island/80’s neon surroundings are top-notch, which make up for the average putting greens.  Not that I’m a connoisseur or anything, but the “greens” are basically just flat and surrounded with landscape pavers to keep your ball from rolling out.  There are some animatronics towards the end which spice things up, and like I said it is well decorated (hope you like skulls).  Also, because everything is florescent and being lit with black lights, it’s pretty dark on the course.  It gets a little disorientating after a half hour or so.  But, I think that’s why they are open until midnight on Friday & Saturday, I can see the appeal for downtown bar-goers, it’s pretty trippy.  I imagine it would be pretty interesting after a few drinks, or, whatever the kids are into nowadays, heh.

Definitely worth doing once a Winter.  But would I go during the Summer?… well I try to stay out of basements that time of year.

Descending to the hotel's underbelly...

Hard to make out (did I mention it was dark?), but this is hole #5... Look at the skull at the bottom.

Skulls abound.