Portland Retro Video Game Expo: NERD ALERT!

24 09 2010

Seriously, lot’s ‘o nerds at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo, including me! Wow what a really interesting and fun time.  It takes place yearly here in Portland and consists of a bunch of vendors selling a BUHZILLION games, the playing of dozens of classic consoles and cabinet games, guest speakers, and gaming and trivia contests.  The crowd was 90% guys, and I felt sorry for the few girls there because, well, let’s just say they were examined.  It was a great group of people, really devoted to the hobby/lifestyle/religion.

I decided to venture into the vendor area first and see if they had anything to purchase.  Wow, good thing I only had $80 in my pocket…

Literally hundreds of thousands of plastic cartridges full of yummy video game enjoyment.

There were SO many cartridges, mind-boggling really.  Always interesting to see that and think about how much money was once spent on new little plastic boxes.

The little dudes are offering me Game Boys and stuff.

I have wanted a R.O.B. my whole life!  Would this be the day?  Well, these guys were a little too rough.  Note the Ground Kontrol flier, they hosted a lot of events after the shows (that I didn’t go to because I’m a loser).

I don't have one of these!

A Vectrex!  I would love to add one of these to the collection, but even though a fair deal at $100, it was not to be had.  Look at that explosion, so lifelike, so real, gives me shivers.


Out in the hallway they set up a sweet vintage Atari 2600 area, complete with wood paneling, big ‘ol console TV, shitty couches and bad 70’s art.


This is the open console/arcade area.  Lots of consoles out for anyone to play.  Really, a big part of why you should go.

I hate Defender, rescuing the people falling back to earth from the UFOs bores me, let 'em fall!

So yeah, look at the trust.  Just tons of random cartridges lying around to play.



I had never heard of the Atari XE, and, now I must have one!  Graphics were really good too.



My 1st sighting of an Odyssey, really good graphics.  It’s next on the list.  I like how it has a little handle at the top of the cartridges. ???

Missile Command dude.

They had speakers throughout the show, this was Portlander Bill Carlton talking about how he got the Missile Command world record high score and the documentary about him, High Score.  Interesting stuff, but, I mostly just played games.


I ❤ U R.O.B. and 8 2600 games!!!

YES!!! DREAM FULFILLED for $50!  R.O.B. works!…  And, comes with the only 2 games made for it, Gyromite and Stack-Up.

Really great fun, great show.  In my opinion, even if you only have a slight interest in classic gaming, you should still go.  So, thank you PRGE, you are awesome, see you next year.  (I’ll bring more money next time!)