chickens, Chickens, CHICKENS!

18 11 2011

When I made the decision to move to Portland, I had also decided that as soon as possible after the move I would have chickens.  What could be more Portland?  I’m not the biggest egg lover, but regardless, I needed me some chickens.  It took a while, but now that things have finally settled down… it has happened.  After a quick “chicken class” at the Urban Farm Store and a good read through their book “A Chicken In Every Yard”, I gots some chicks!  Jane, a Buff Orpington – Emily, an Ameraucana – and Charlotte, a Cochin (note the fuzzy feat).

Chicks man... Jane - Emily - Charlotte

But now that the chicks were purchased, the rush was on to build their coop.  I had a little over a month while the chicks were spending time in their brooder box.  The coop took longer than I thought to build, was more expensive than I thought it would be, and took up more of my back yard than I though was needed.  Oh well, chicks were already under the grow light, so no turning back now…

It took about 4 straight weekends, $700, a billion trips to Home Depot, and although it ended up much different than how it was originally imagined I think it looks pretty neat.  And it’s very secure, no Raccoons or other varmints will get in to hurt my girls.  And that’s good, because I really enjoy them, much more than I thought I would.  They are soooooo soft and hugable!  And even though they have brains the size of a peanut, they still have their own unique personalities and are a lot of fun to hang out with.  Jane is independent, Emily is bossy, and Charlotte is laid-back.  While outside I’ll let them run around, they scratch the ground, chase each other and eat our weeds.  They’re like little goats with wings and dinosaur feet.

The dog and chickens actually get along quite well.

They like to eat our new landscaping 😐

They're so happy. This was when they were 1/2 grown, they're huge now.

The "Chicken Centipede". This is how they sleep at night, all stacked up.

Even in that bizarre picture above, you can see how colorful they are now that they’re fully grown.  They’re great to be around, now bring on the eggs…