Escape To Saddle Mountain

8 05 2010

I took out my trail map, threw it on the bed, closed my eyes, and pointed at a random trail.  To Saddle Mountain we go!

The map said this was an “advanced” hike, and for the last third it really was.

The start.

I did have sturdy shoes, I didn’t have a dog, I made it all 1630, I brought my own water (some people didn’t and they were not happy campers), I did NOT pick flowers, and I stayed on the trail!

The views on this trail were spectacular.

This is the view from the top, and obvioulsy this picture doesn’t do it justice, but that’s the Pacific Ocean.  And, I know we have to log, but man that would sure be a sweet view without the brown patches.  So, I love this hike.  I almost want to do it again tomorrow.  Not necessarily difficult, just very steep, I was definitely sucking air pretty good towards the end.  Between the views, the challenge, and the proximity to the ocean….


Sea Anemonemonemoneas (sp).

And with my foot, I shall end this post!