Great Ride Today!…But Oh Those Hills :\

23 04 2010

I decided to go for a bike ride today.  See, I don’t live too far from some really great places in Portland (Downtown, The Pearl, Nob Hill, etc.).  However, I live way up on a hill and to get to said places, I have to go down… way friggin’ down.  But hey I’m up to it, so I thought I’d bike on down to Nob Hill.

But SAFETY 1st!!!
Grid patterns don’t exist where I am, but thousands of blind curves do, so before I begin it’s time to purchase some new gear!  Check out the new flashing rear light and sporty florescent yellow jersey eh?!  I went to Performance Bike and was pretty happy with what they had and what I paid.  I went to The Bike Gallery the night before and although it was a great shop, the only thing they had in my size was $100.  But, there are so many shops here, I’ll try them all to see which ends up being my go-to.  And I also found out that although I wear size XL at the Gap, Old Navy, etc, etc, I wear XXL in all biking clothes that I tried on.  >:|  Guess I need to bike a lot more?

Well I cut through Washington Park and stopped at the Rose Garden for a breather.  You can see some of Downtown Portland through the trees.  Now I just need to get down to that elevation!  Oh, and I can’t wait to get back here when all the roses are in bloom.

So I made it to Nob Hill no problem, it was actually really fun, you can fly through Washington Park at really high speeds.  Especially if you have a flashing rear light and a super-cool florescent jersey!  I walked around a bit and I thought I’d start a Simpson’s character tag for the blog since I saw 2 on my walk.  I’m sure it’s been done so many times, but who cares, here we go!…

  • Ned Flanders – Flanders St
  • Reverend Lovejoy – Lovejoy St
  • Mayor Joe Quimby – Quimby St
  • Sideshow Bob Terwilliger – Terwilliger Boulevard Parkway
  • Montgomery Burns – Montgomery Park Neighborhood/Burnside St
  • Milhouse Van Houten – Van Houten Ave

Ah, so that was all fun.  I walked up and down 23rd and then I thought I should get going since it might be a bit challenging on the way home.  I briefly thought about getting a beer 1st at one of the many pubs, but I’m really glad I didn’t…

Wow, that ride back suuuucked!  Those hills are no joke.  I guess I was having too much fun going down because I really didn’t remember those grades going back up.  And, I’m REALLY glad I had my new safety gear, because it was pretty cloudy and therefore kind of dark in the forest.  However, I’m thankfully people here are quite accustomed to bikers/walkers on the streets because they were always very respectful as they passed me while I was going .67mph and about to have a heart attack.  Oh and some guy said “Nice GT!” when I was on my way up, gave me a boost! (which shows me that people really know their bikes here)  Although I had to take about 4 breaks, when I finished I realized I did pretty good and it didn’t take me as long as I’d thought it would.  And, hills are a fact of life here so I should just get used to it and get into the kind of shape all those people were in that passed me!   I’ll see you again next week you hills you!…