Top 5 Things I’ve Done This Summer: #2 Camp In Awesome Spots

12 10 2012

Best site I’ve ever had.

I really enjoy camping, but I’m very picky about it.  If I’m crammed right in the middle of other campsites with no privacy or anything to look at, I’ll simply skip it.  Or if it’s way in the middle of a forest with nothing but more of the same forest around it, I’ll probably pass because I can get forest anywhere.  I also don’t leave anything to chance, I reserve online months in advance because the spots go quick, and I’ve spoken to camp hosts that have said to never assume you can waltz in and get one of the few non-reservable spots because those are usually filled.  So all that being said, for the 2nd to last spot on my ‘Top 5 things I’ve Done This Summer’ list, it’s obviously camping.  Here are 2 spots in particular I really enjoyed.

1 – Timothy Lake

It really doesn’t get any better than Timothy Lake, an amazing lake in the shadow of Mt Hood to swim in or canoe on, camp on the water’s edge, take hiking trails that intersect with the Pacific Crest Trail, and it has generously spaced camp sites.

The view from the water’s edge of my camp site.

Sun going down.

Taking a twilight canoe cruise with Mt. Hood in the distance.

2 – Cape Lookout State Park

There’s no camping like camping next to the beach (unless you’re in Texas, that sucked, mosquitoes).  Aside from being able to walk to the beach in less than a minute, you also get to hear the wind and waves all night long.  What’s more, you get to partake in the nightly ritual of watching the sunset with your fellow campers all gathered on the beach.  A bonus is that just up the road is the actual Cape Lookout.  It contains a hike that has AMAZING views, and is also one of the most butt-puckering trails I have been on, with a lot of “you fall, you die” parts.

Heh, that’s me.

People gather in anticipation of the sun setting…

…and there it goes.  And after this, you just walk back to your campsite, and burn stuff.  What could be better?

The best part about it, is that I have about 95% of Oregon’s campsites left to explore!



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