Tasting/Chasing A Suburban Bandit!

2 01 2011


El buen Bandito de Cornell en los suburbios! (translated from Google, could be nonsense)

If you ever find yourself wandering around Portland’s Western suburbs and want to have some fresh/fast/cheap Mexican fare, take the Murray exit off of 26 and head towards Cornell.  Sure, you always hear about awesome Mexican joints on the SE side of Portland, but they have nothing on Bandito Taco.  Well, actually I have no clue, I’ve not really  been to many Mexican places in the SE, I’m sure they are super-great.  But let’s throw a bone to the ‘burbs for once!  Bandito Taco is really quite good.

It’s in an out-building outside of a dated strip mall and from what I can tell, the owner is there all the time, and working hard.  He and the other people behind the counter are very nice and the food is made fresh while you wait.  You can eat there, but it is somewhat small with around 5 tables and bar stools along the window, so I usually prefer to take out.

You can get different combination quantities, but let’s examine what I usually get, 3 items plus chips & salsa…

1) Crispy chips & salsa (salsa is GREAT)

2) Bean Tostada

3) Cheese Enchilada

4) Veggie Burrito

And the un-numbered rice & beans to the right (beans are vegetarian).  This, for under $10.  It’s so tasty, and so fresh.  I think even the tortillas are made there (I have nothing to back that claim up).

As for the Bandito… I found him!….


Fun side-story, when I was there last, I actually heard someone who was obviously “not from these parts” in line behind me ask his friend… in all seriousness… “what is an enchilada?”  Wow.

Bandito Taco on Urbanspoon



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