Tasting ¿Por Que No?

2 12 2010

"Tacos", but actually much more.

Well, it’s getting colder in Portland, so the explorations to state parks and outdoor events are just not happening like they used to.  So I think I’ll focus on eating until the Spring comes!

I went to a local taco place recently, ¿Por Que No?.  Well it’s really more than just tacos, they have tons of stuff, flautas, tamales, ceviche, and more.  Two locations, both on the East side, Hawthorn and Mississippi, I chose Hawthorn.  And, I chose to go early, which was incredibly smart because I discovered that the place is insanely popular.  For the entire visit there was a line out the door.  Surprisingly however, there was always seating available.  The place is smalish, but they do have seating out back in a cute courtyard area, although I chose to stay inside because it was a tad chilly.  Service style is order at the counter and they will bring it out to you when it’s ready.

The inside is full of little bits of Latin decor and is very inviting, as you can see below…

Cool surroundings.

Like so many places in Portland, they focus on using local foods, weaving whatever is in season into the menu.  We started with chips and salsa, which are not free, but worth the money.  Now normally I wouldn’t bother with a picture of tortilla chips, but they were fantastically thick, I had to show them off!  Great salsa too.

Thick chips!

From left to right below are veggie flautas, beef taco and a tamale plate.  The veggies in the flauta were julienned which gave it a great texture, opposed to others I’ve had that were just chopped into chunks.  Everything was delicious and was eaten right away.  A little too quickly actually, if you have a big appetite be sure to order a few items or some sides.
They also have several of their home-made sauces to top your food with, they range from the very mild to too hot for me strengths.

Flautas, Tacos & Tamales!

I look forward to returning, the food was very fresh and super flavorful.  Just  be sure and get there early!

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