Tasting Deschutes

13 07 2010

Several weeks ago a dear friend of mine emailed me and essentially said “hey loser, stop doing all that silly stuff you’re doing, and go try out the local brews!” They were correct of course,  I should have made it priority one!  Well now I have.

I decided to start with Deschutes Brewery and Public House in downtown Portland.  (The main brewery is located in Bend on the Deschutes river)

The 1st imbibed beer was the Obsidian Stout, and no joke, it was the best stout I’ve ever had.  Sorry Guinness.  Smooth, no bitterness or aftertaste, extremely flavorful, I miss it already.  I did buy it in a bottle recently, and as expected it wasn’t as good as it was on draft, but still quite tasty.

Obsidian Stout

Next up was the Green Lakes Organic Beer, and it was very good too.  A tasty lighter ale, what I usually go for nowadays.  Man, I’m getting thirsty writing this, too bad it’s 8:45am right now 😦

Green Lakes Organic Ale

And as for the quality of the food, I would say that it was better than anything you’d expect from a brewpub.  I ordered the pretzel/cheese sauce appetizer and the falafel sandwich, both very good.  I didn’t include pictures because they looked as you would expect them to, it’s hard to “pretty-up” falafel.  Besides, I’d rather show beer!

To summarize, I’m glad my friend kicked me in the arse and got me to Deschutes, can’t wait to go back.




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14 10 2010
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[…] noticed when pulling up and walking in  was how simple the space  was, not highly decorated like Deschutes, or highly polished like Bridgeport.  It was a very humble place, and looked like it was once an […]

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