I Did The Ikea Thang

9 06 2010

After years of curiosity, I finally made it to the big blue and yellow box that is Ikea.  Now, I have always heard that the stores are large, confusing and overwhelming so I’ve had a slightly negative bias all these years.  Especially after I watched the entire Ikea Heights web series that was filmed covertly in Ikea without their knowledge (a must see BTW).  But, I’ve always liked their stuff, and their prices.  So now that I live in a city with one it was time to make the journey!

Holy crap was it awesome.  I mean seriously.  Not confusing (thanks to the arrows on the floor directing me through the meandering river of furniture), not too big, but maybe a bit overwhelming due to the amount of things to check out.

It made me wish I had 17 kitchens, 22 bedrooms and… well you get the idea.

I mean, who would not want this kitchen? And it was only like $16!

Wow is it cheap too.  People say WallyMart is cheap, nope, this is.  Scary cheap, I had to force myself not to buy crap I didn’t need, and I’m not the type of person to buy much of anything to begin with – unless it rhymes with “rideo rames”.

I did buy “Ikea Food” though!

Swedish pear awesomeness!




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9 06 2010

We have an Ikea here too. Amazing place for numerous I-Didn’t-Know-I-Needed-That-But-I-Certainly-Need-It-Now-That-I-See-It stuff. However, I find their furniture scale to be on the small side. Possibly, probably, due to the smallish size of Swedish homes. About time for my Annual Ikea Trek.

10 06 2010
Melissa Herbert

Just don’t go there on a Saturday, you will wish you never left the house.
Glad your first time was a good one. Welcome to the Pacific Northwest!

16 06 2010

Swedish pear soda? Wineries where you’re drinking Rosé?

Get thee to the Rogue Brewery. Stat.

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