It Feels Like A Burrito Morning

1 05 2010

Isn’t that a James Taylor song?

Well, in the continuing “Saturday Morning Farmers Market Vendor Food” series (or SMFMVF for short), I’ve moved down the row from the tamale joint to Enchanted Sun Breakfast Burritos!

I was going to get a crepe, but I just needed something more substantial.  So I got a breakfast burrito that has eggs, potatoes/onions and cheese (you can get bacon too), and it was good.  Not dry, and full of flavor because the potatoes are actually a little spicy.  But what really makes it great is that huge container of their home made salsa you see up there on the right.  I got 2 cupfuls, but next time will get more to truly drown it in goodness.

I know, it just looks like a burrito with a bite taken out, but I have to show a picture of it!  It was good and very filling, it hit the spot and fueled me up for all that veggie shopping I was about to embark on.  Next week, the crepe people!…




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3 05 2010

Here we call that a breakfast taco. I think we had them on the bus to DT’s wedding. They are very good.

3 08 2010
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[…] really, that’s the reason I never wanted to brave it until now (instead opting for tamales or burritos). However, I figured I had arrived at 9am, so the line shouldn’t be too bad, and it […]

25 03 2011

Agreed… I had these burritos the first time I went to the PSU Market. It was a cold morning so the extra spice was nice! I was glad to find another post about it!

28 03 2011

I’m headed back to the market this weekend for my inaugural2011 visit and depending on temperature, I may need to get one again! The interesting thing though is I’ve never been to their actual restaurant, maybe I should do that soon?… Loved your Portland in 48 hrs post!

28 03 2011

Thanks, I believe I’m headed there this weekend too! I didn’t even know they had a restaurant? I’m thinking about trying the tamales this time because the food at Salvador Mollys is always great. I scanned through your blog and it sounds like we’ve hit a lot of the same places but I got a few more ideas from you. Hope you’re enjoying it here as much as I am!

13 11 2011

Hi…I love the breakfast burrito..and have been going back to the farmers market ever since I first tried it. I had no idea about the restaurant…can someone tell me where I can find the burrito on a regular day? It’d be great to have them on any single day…

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